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Kingdom Land

Beams of heaven, as I go
Through this wilderness below
Guide my feet in peaceful ways
Turn my midnights into days

-Charles A. Tindley

Drawing from a wide range of American cultural sources–from early Methodism to Memphis R&B–Kingdom Land lays out a set of spiritual songs recorded at Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Alex Mejias created a worship record for a post-evangelical community, using the powerful lyrics of various hymn traditions, some well-crafted personal compositions, and a crew of world-class musicians living in central Virginia. The album reflects his own evolving experience of faith, fully engaged in the world, valuing complexity in mood, texture and quality of sound. Produced by cult country-soul producer Matthew E. White, Kingdom Land is a sober triumph, a unique combination of song and intent. It’s a cinematic, engaging listen that accomplishes the difficult task of serving liturgical purpose and standing on its own as a piece of recording art.

After years and years of working in and around “church music,” Mejias shifted his focus toward direct efforts at restorative justice in his community. He stopped leading music in services and started a relief bail bond fund. Kingdom Land was made on the cusp of this personal transition and during a time of deep political turmoil in America. The election of the 45th president threw the hypocritical politics of the evangelical movement in sharp relief. The empty words and mediocre melodies of the modern praise song reflect the health of the body of Christ. From the opening phrases of “Mother,” in both sound and message, Kingdom Land establishes its own tone, far removed from most contemporary works in a similar genre, creating a sustained sense of mystery and hope, a spiritual soundtrack to modern times. Mejias is a relaxed and assured vocalist, conveying the emotion of these old and new texts, the sadness and celebration, pain and moments of relief.

The classic recording process, Spacebomb House Band playing a living music with intuition and feeling, captures an immediacy throughout Kingdom Land, supported by the depth of the lyrics, songwriting, arrangements and vocals. These elements in clear display on a track like “Bread of the World” with its languid, cinematic unfolding, lean and darkly swinging development, painted with silvery strings. Kingdom Land is a considered work of meditation and pleasure, to sing with or absorb quietly, seven songs of longing and urgency, sorrow and connection. An attempt to reconcile the sublime impulse with the reality of human failure and need, through the most sacred and ancient of art forms. To arrive in the Kingdom Land is to arrive at a place outside of oneself, a place to clear the mind and lift the soul to action.


Kingdom Land (I'm On My Way) - Available Now

Bread of the World Single - 11/9/18 Release Date


What People Are Saying About Kingdom Land

"Probably one of the top 10 best praise and worship records ever made." - Matthew E. White

"Behind the lush textures of Mathew E. White's arrangements the retuned hymns and originals of Alex Mejias (formerly of High Street Hymns) find their devotional universe expanded into the high country of sacred music!" - Bruce Benedict (Cardiphonia)

"Alex Mejias' new record is rich in lyrics and the musical arrangements is a true work of art! This album is thoughtful, fresh, and life-giving!" - David Bailey (Arrabon)

"Rarely do I hear a record of worship music with the level of artistry, quality of performance, and depth of material as I hear on this new offering from Alex Mejias. Alex has assembled an unusually talented team of musicians to make a record that is both worshipful and musically intriguing." - Isaac Wardell (Bifrost Arts, Porter's Gate Project) 

"Having spent over a decade in the CCM industry this album is a breath of fresh air. Blend together groove, soul, amazing players and sounds, elements of Motown and lyrics from a hymnal and you have Kingdom Land." - Glenn Lavender (Downhere) 

"Alex Mejias’ latest album is truly an original contribution in the landscape of contemporary Christian music. It very well may shape how future Christian music is created and produced. But it’s more than just original; it’s beautiful art. Listen and let your imagination open up." - Corey Widmer (Third Church)

"Beautiful work! What a striking first impression. Alex is a modern psalmist who has arrived at something very new and exciting by mixing traditional hymns and church songs with 1960's era gospel and pop." - Mark Maxwell (Attorney and Author)

"Alex Mejias' new record is a collaboration with some of the most gifted musicians, arrangers and singers I've ever heard. The songs are confessions, explorations and prayers in an unimaginably excellent setting. It's an extremely difficult task to create an album of sacred songs that maintains an unforced, natural groove and subtlety and we are pleased to hear that Mejias and White have done just that." - Daniel Goans (Lowland Hum)

"Alex Mejias, a veteran of retuned hymns, breathes new life into the genre with sure songwriting, a diverse range of texts, and instrumentations that fairly sparkle—this is ear candy and soul food." - Greg Scheer (Calvin Institute of Worship)

"Alex Mejias has created a soulful record, giving voice to both the things of faith and the groove of an old vinyl record. It features the unique sound that Matthew E. White and Spacebomb are known for— steady rhythms and a rich texture of vocals, keys, strings and horns. The Kingdom Land sits between the here and the not yet. A great listen." - Blaine Lay (Two People Podcast)

"I knew I liked this album within 20 seconds. It contains everything I love about music. It has a down home feel and exudes comfort. It's honest, no flashy tricks, no smoke and mirrors just really honest songs that I know would be incredible to hear done live. I've known Alex for years and he just keeps getting better and better." - Jason Arce (Blood Orange)