Coming Spring 2017:

"Kingdom Land," an album of spirituals and hymns set to the music of Richmond, VA. Songs written and curated by Alex Mejias. Produced by Matthew E. White with Spacebomb Productions. 


Advanced praise for Kingdom Land:

"Rarely do I hear a record of worship music with the level of artistry, quality of performance, and depth of material as I hear on this new offering from Alex Mejias. Alex has assembled an unusually talented team of musicians to make a record that is both worshipful and musically intriguing."

- Isaac Wardell (Bifrost Arts)

"Having spent over a decade in the CCM industry this album is a breath of fresh air. Blend together groove, soul, amazing players and sounds, elements of Motown and lyrics from a hymnal and you have Kingdom Land."

- Glenn Lavender (Downhere)

"Alex Mejias’ latest album is truly an original contribution in the landscape of contemporary Christian music. It very well may shape how future Christian music is created and produced. But it’s more than just original; it’s beautiful art. Listen and let your imagination open up"

- Corey Widmer (Third Church, RVA)

"Alex Mejias' new record is a collaboration with some of the most gifted musicians, arrangers and singers I've ever heard. The songs are confessions, explorations and prayers in an unimaginably excellent setting. It's an extremely difficult task to create an album of sacred songs that maintains an unforced, natural groove and subtlety and we are pleased to hear that Mejias and White have done just that."

- Daniel Goans (Lowland Hum)

"Alex Mejias, a veteran of retuned hymns, breathes new life into the genre with sure songwriting, a diverse range of texts, and instrumentations that fairly sparkle—this is ear candy and soul food."

- Greg Scheer (Calvin Institute of Christian Worship)

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